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Reposted from :iconviperthewyvern:

Someone has been hacking into people's profiles and deactivating their accounts. However, if they see you have this journal on your page they will know that you know what's going on and they will ignore you and move on to someone in your friends list! Repost this for your safety, and make sure your friends are safe, too!
  • Mood: Not Impressed
  • Listening to: My fan
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Markiplier
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water


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United States
Name: nikki

Age: Only Dwad knows

Hair color: Dark brown with blond and copper highlights

Eye color: Hazel

Skin color: Tan

height: Five foot six and a half

personality: Bubbly, sarcastic, moody ,silly ,crazy, random, temperamental, reclusive, adventurous

Interests: drawing, transformers, T.v., eating, baking, exploring, the smurfs, the legion of super heros, hiding, sleeping, music, slenderman, Jack skellington, writing, pokemon, dragons, mythical creatures, five nights at freddy's. ( even though I'm too scared to play it... ;3; )

Favorite autobots: TFP optimus prime (He's sexy), Movie optimus prime (love his voice), Movie ratchet (funny, awesome), TFP Ratchet (funny), TFA ratchet (love his voice, its like sand paper), TFA bulkhead (funny, reminds me a Patrick star) TFP bulkhead (AWESOME), TFP bumblebee (adorable), TFA sentinel prime (I find him DEEPLY attractive), Movie sentinel prime (catches my attention for unknown reasons), G1 Optimus (pure, makes me shiver) G1 Brawn (epic, made of awesome), TFP wheeljack (awesome)

Least favorite autobots: TFA percepter (Well I don't REALLY hate him, but he gives me the creeps! G1 Rodimus prime (fake optimus)

Favorite decepticons: TFP knockout (How can you NOT be attracted to him?!) TFP Megatron (love his color, voice makes me shiver), TFA blitzwing (hilarious, awesome), G1 Soundwave (voice is awesome)

Least favorite decepticons: Arachnid (she's a bitch), Dreadwing (boring, stupid), G1 shockwave (boring, has a light bulb for an eye), TFA Megatron (not scary, lame) TFA lugnut (stupid, retarded, learning impaired), TFP Soundwave (he has no face, SCARES ME!!!!), Movie starscream (looks like a dorito), Movie barricade (He is a cop! And he's learning impaired! He's the retarded policeman!) G1 bombshell (boring, sounds like he talks through an inhaler)

Life style: I tend to be really lazy..........

My famous/infamous quotes: " What an interesting story, now it's my turn: once upon a time... I didn't care. The end. " " You're walking on sunshine? Good, I hope you burn to ashes. " " Like a good neighbor, stay over there! " " What a beautiful day~... Let's go back inside now. " " I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYYYYYYY~!!!! " " FRICK NUGGETS!!!! " " No, it's fricken Bob the builder! Who do you think it is!? " " Look on the bright side, lots of people are complete and utter failures and they get along just fine. " " Bruh! " "

Short bio: I'm that one annoying, but funny, friend that everyone seems to have.(I'm the kind of person who would jump of a bridge for fifty cents) I tend to like stuff that boys would like, I am obsessed with mythical creatures, and monsters.

Favorite pokemon guys: Cilan (I can't help but just LOVE him! He's just so freaking adorable!......And hot... >////<) Brock (I love how no matter how hard he tries, he ends up being rejected by other girls. And he's just funny in general) Barry (I'M GOING TO FINE YOU!!!! PAY UP IN 10 SECONDS!!!! XD) N (He's hot! And adorable!)

Over all, I'm just your average, ordinary, every day, super geek! :D

TOY FREDDY STAMP (FNAF 2) by NadsDeidre im someone who can stamp by ohhperttylights I Love Dragons Stamp by Mirz123Night Owl Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123More time... by prosaixForgetful by prosaixForever lazy by prosaixOnline ads by prosaixSuperpowers by prosaixI talk to myself... by prosaixMeat lover by prosaixI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate I Love Music by fear-the-brilliance Chronic yawner by prosaix Computer Addict Stamp by fear-the-brilliance Way too lazy-Stamp by Dinoclaws . i D r e a m . by mistandsparklesIt makes no sense.  by Little-rolling-beanold Freddy by flaiKiFive nights at freddy's 2 by EmperorSchmucktoy Freddy by flaiKiFNAF - Freddy Stamp by SolarFluffyFNAF 2 - Golden Freddy Stamp by SolarFluffyFNAF 2  - Freddy Stamp by SolarFluffyPajamas Stamp by Worldincoffeea waste of energy stamp. by CitrusEcstasy---xIm just a little crazy stamp by Pixel-Sammaster stamp by ryazakuCopious Amounts of FAIL by StamPorMole seriously poor aim stamp. by CitrusEcstasy---x stare in my fridge stamp. by CitrusEcstasy---x ..Ever Wonder.. Stamp by SailorSolar Meaningful comments stamp by dazza1008 .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotAutism Stamp by theestephasaurusrexI support people with autism by OnWingsOfBlue:Five night's at Freddy's: Human!Freddy stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantFreddy Plushie[STAMP] by KimberlyTheHedgie I hate FNaF foxy stamp by moshigal156 Markiplier: Dungeon Nightmares 2 by OrelethOCs and cannon characters as ponies stamp by moshigal156I have an opinion! stamp by moshigal156This that and the other with some men by Little-rolling-bean Reshiram by Marlenesstamps Markiplier: Alpaca Hugs Stamp by Oreleth 'Notes make me feel special' stamp by Synfull Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix I appreciate all support :D by Timesplitter92 Messages Stamp by WetWithRain Checking Messages Stamp by Drake1 FUUU Stamp by Drake1 Wont stop talking about FNAF STAMP by PrincessTwinkle Balloon Boy stamp by FurryLucarioReturns Bears. by Monster-Boar My Own World Stamp by Mirz123 I Love Weekends Stamp by Mirz123 It's in my head, I swear by AssClownFish Soul Eater - Stamp by Kizushik I Love Writing Stamp by Mirz123 Life is Roller Coaster Stamp by Mirz123 Move Things With Mind by fear-the-brilliance Music Stamp by Drake1 Call it arrogance... Call it stubbornness... by prosaix Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Artrage User STAMP by Drayuu ArtRage Users Stamp by OrbitalChiller Ouran Highschool Host Club Stamp by DogFreak108 Ouran Stamp by Vexic929 Ouran: Tamaki stamp by Kaze-yo Tamaki Suoh throwing a tantrum by kakashilover1566 Ouran: Tamaki loves his noodles by Kaze-yo Tamaki Emo Corner Stamp by Vexic929Tamaki - Woof by dream0writer7 Stamp - Hulk Fan by Mibu-no-ookami Marvel Comics Venom Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Hulk Stamp: I'm ALWAYS angry by SChan Hulk Stamp by GangsterMuffin

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Female head shot ( digital )
I am intrigued by moshigal156
A female head shot drawn traditionally and coloured digitally.
Female head shot ( traditional )
The new one and only me! :3 by moshigal156
A traditionally drawn and coloured female head shot.
Mlp alicorn ( digital )
Princess dreamcatcher (way better) by moshigal156
Obsidian ( Corrupted Ilun magia ) by moshigal156
Baby Ilun Magia by moshigal156
A my little pony alicorn drawn and colored digitally.
Mlp Pegasus ( digital )
Skylight by moshigal156
A my little pony Pegasus drawn and colored digitally.
Mlp unicorn ( digital )
A my little pony unicorn drawn and colored digitally.
Mlp earth pony ( digital )
A my little pony earth pony drawn and colored digitally.
Mlp alicorn ( traditional )
Ilun magia (updated) by moshigal156
Princess Cocoon (Updated!) by moshigal156
General Swarm by moshigal156
A my little pony alicorn drawn and colored traditionally.
Mlp Pegasus ( traditional )
A my little pony Pegasus drawn and colored traditionally.
Mlp unicorn ( traditional )
A my little pony unicorn drawn and colored traditionally
Mlp earth pony ( traditional )
A my little pony drawn and colored traditionally


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